Two Skydiving Planes Collide in Mid-Air, Miraculously Everyone Survives

Recently resurfaced footage from 2013 has captivated viewers worldwide, showcasing a heart-stopping moment when two skydiving planes collided mid-air. The incident, which occurred near Lake Superior, Wisconsin, left spectators on the edge of their seats as they witnessed a terrifying ordeal unfold.

In the video, two small Cesnas, each carrying skydivers, can be seen flying in close proximity as part of a planned formation jump. However, what was intended to be a coordinated maneuver quickly turned into a disaster as the planes collided, engulfing them in flames.

Despite the chaos, the pilots and passengers managed to evacuate the aircraft, deploying their parachutes and landing safely on the ground. Remarkably, none of the nine passengers or two pilots suffered serious injuries in the crash, a testament to their quick thinking and training.

According to eyewitness accounts, one of the pilots reported a shattered windshield and a loud noise before evacuating the plane. The other aircraft, while breaking apart mid-air, was fortunately filled with experienced skydivers who skillfully navigated their descent to safety.

Nearly eight years later, the harrowing footage has resurfaced on social media platforms, garnering widespread attention and amassing millions of views. Viewers have been captivated by the bravery and resilience of those involved, expressing astonishment at the miraculous outcome.

In response to the video, one viewer commented, «This was so crazy scary. I had to look up the story, shocked to hear everyone survived.» Another echoed the sentiment, stating, «I can’t believe nobody got seriously injured

Reflecting on the incident, skydiving instructor Mike Robinson shared his perspective, acknowledging the inherent risks of the sport. «We do this all the time. We just don’t know what happened for sure that caused this,» he explained. «We were just a few seconds away from having a normal skydive when the trail plane came over the top of the lead aircraft and came down on top of it. It turned into a big flash fireball, and the wing separated.»

Despite the terrifying ordeal, the resilience and camaraderie among the skydiving community shine through, serving as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the sport and each other.


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